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10 Womens Ethnic Wear That Had Gone Way Too Far

Festive and wedding season is on, particularly in India and Indians love to wear traditional attire on special occasions. In fact, womens ethnic wear had gone way too far in the festive season.

India’s ethnic wear is now loved by people from across the globe. You’ll get these dresses from designers and branded showrooms to online e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Apart from trendy and hottest fashionable attire, you may also get a huge discount on these online platforms. Sometimes you may confuse which one to wear as there are so many options to choose from.

Moreover, mens ethnic wear is also there which I’ll cover in my next post. For the time being, let’s explore some of the best womens ethnic wear in India.

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Womens Ethnic Wear SareesSarees are one of the most worn womens ethnic wear, especially by the mid-aged group.

Limelight of any occasion is saree only in India. Whether, you are at a wedding, or enjoying your favorite festival.

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Depending upon the occasion, you have a lot of option which type of saree to choose from.

Having said that, you can choose daily wearable saree while staying at home. If it is a festive time, then you can select festive oriented sarees.

Moreover, if you love being in a party, then you may find party variance sarees as well. You can avail sarees from any designer shop, branded, handloom, or any other material.

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Kurtas & Kurtis

Womens Ethnic Wear Kurtas & KurtisKurtas & Kurtis are the formal dresses that suit the modern Indian women.

Kurtis is preferred by all ages, from a teenage girl to middle and old age women.

You can say after sarees, kurtas & kurtis are the most preferred choice. It can be wear in all season especially by young ladies.

Moreover, you can choose from different kurtas & kurtis style type.


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Patiala Suits

Womens Ethnic Wear Patiala SuitsPatiala Suits mostly come from the northern part of India, especially Punjab. However, Patiala pants give you a different look.

Its style patterns are totally different and you look gorgeous if you are tall enough. Moreover, it matches stunning with short kurtas.

So, better buy some Patiala pants and keep them in your closets.



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Salwar Suits

Womens ethnic wear salwar suitsSalwar suits are one of the most liked womens ethnic wear. It has a set of top, bottom, and a dupatta that completes you.

You’ll look awesome in Salwar Suits, whether, you are a teenager or newly married.

You can wear this on daily basis and on any occasion as well.



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Anarkali Suits

Womens Ethnic Wear Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits are long and you may find the A-line cut starts way above the waist.

Indians adopted Anarkali suits because of its beauty and has been in India since the Mughal era.

It is this timelessness that makes the latest Anarkali suit design a must-have in your closet.




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Lehenga Cholis

Womens Ethnic Wear Lehenga CholisLehenga Choli is an Indian womens ethnic wear and mostly worn at the time of the wedding and special ceremonies.

You may find this awesome fashion attire that is loved by women of all ages especially young women across India.

Designer lehenga choli has come with lots of twists and turn, changes and evolution with the passage of time.

It mainly designed with using embroidery designs, zari, and other stuff that gives it a royal look.

Its design patterns and stunning looks can be a perfect wear for you for any celebration or festive occasions. Women from most communities in India get married in a lehenga choli.


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Ethnic Gowns

Womens Ethnic Wear Gowns

Are you still confuse what to wear before attending any party?

Well, during a formal event or a wedding ceremony, you can wear a party wear like Anarkali gown.

You may choose to wear a deep neckline, body-hugging dresses, or maybe loose fit designs as per your needs.

Moreover, the ethnic gowns are a blend of contemporary and traditional. It lets you emboss the feminine side of you.

Furthermore, wearing an ethnic gown with heels, clutch, and matching earrings will create a stunning look


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Palazzo Suits

Womens Ethnic Wear Palazzo SuitsIf you don’t like to worn leggings and pajamas anymore, then try Palazzo suits.

Palazzos have come and taken over the modern women shelves now. You can wear any kurta with palazzo pants and looks stunning.

Moreover, you can wear a palazzo suit anywhere and at any time. Whether you are an office goer, or for a wedding, it completely blends with the occasions.

Its finest designs make you look extraordinary while keeping the comfort intact.

If you are looking for an attire that comes with a great ethnic design then Palazzo is the best thing for you.

Even designer palazzo suit is not just stylish, classy, and spectacularly different, these are extremely comfortable and sizzling as well.


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Long Skirts

Womens Ethnic Wear Long SkirtAre you looking for a dress which has a combination of modern as well as ethnic?

Well, then you can opt for long skirts that’ll give you a stunning look. Long skirts make you look modern and ethnic simultaneously.

Apart from different colors and texture, it also comes in different types of fabrics.

You can wear long skirts with a plain cotton spaghetti top or with a short kurta to complete the entire look.

Either way, if you are working on your closet for traditional and ethnic wear, throw these in.

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Floor Length Dresses

Womens Ethnic Wear Floor Length Dresses

Floor length dresses are like gowns itself. However, it blends with Anarkali suits.

You can dress up with a heavy or light dupatta to stand out. It is yet another ethnic wear that you can try out especially in wedding season.


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So, what is your style mantra while going ethnic? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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