Top 6 Lipstick Variants That Plump up Your Pout

Top 6 Lipstick Variants That Plump up Your Pout

Do you think that different lipstick variants have a magical impact on your lips?

If you do not think so, then I’ll show you the magic. During my childhood, I always thought, why gals put different types of lipstick with a variety of colors on their lips.

Although I did not get the answer at that time. Later I realized the importance of the different forms of lipsticks to look beautiful and attractive.

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As we all know, natural lips are the best. Because it is a precious gift we get from God. But if sometimes we change it for our enjoyment and happiness, I hope God does not mind it, because it’s temporary. In addition, God always says,”Be Happy and Do Whatever You Want To Do”


So, do not worry about all this and use lipstick variants that let you get a bombastic look. It’s time to plump up your pout and take a selfie. Then, you will be got to know how beautiful you look by uploading your selfie with a pout on social media.

Your beautiful lips give you the best appearance. Lips can say a lot without speaking a single word. As they are the most sensitive part of your face and you must handle them very carefully. 

So, don’t play with your lips by using non-branded and cheap lipsticks. Your lips are the most pleasing part of your face and lipstick found an essential part of makeup, which makes your lips more sensual.

You may think lipsticks has only 2 varieties – Matt and Gloss. However, there are a variety of lipsticks available.  So, I’m gonna show you top 6 lipstick variants you must know and use it.


Matte Lipstick Variants


Top 6 Lipstick Variants That Plump up Your Pout - Matte Lipstick VariantsOMG, I feel crazy whenever I talk about this Matte Lipstick. I must say, it is a top fashion and you also love it the most. If you want a compliment like, ‘Oh! you look so bold & sexy’ you should try it once.

Moreover, it’s soft and velvety finish makes your lips and the color look extra intense. Make sure you moisturize your lips before using. Matte lipsticks are known for their long-lasting power.

So, after applying this you look gorgeous for a long time. In summer, you need to fill your wardrobe with matte, because it won’t melt in the heat like a gloss.


Liquid Lipstick


Top 6 Lipstick Variants That Plump up Your Pout - Liquid Lipstick VariantsYou don’t need a lot, just one code of liquid lipstick is enough for your stylish appearance. It is teenagers new trend. As I’m not a teenager now but still love it.

Seriously! It offers so beautifully watery finish. So, just try to prep your lip with pencil and apply concealer before using liquid lipstick to prevent leakage.

The colder climate is best for this as it protects your lips from dryness.

Creme Lipstick


Top 6 Lipstick Variants That Plump up Your Pout - Creme Lipstick VariantsIntroducing the most recent entry into lipstick industry. Creme Lipstick is made with oil, butter and completely lip nourishing ingredients to nourish your beautiful lips for day long.

Creme lipstick features a very pure, light in colors, soft and virtually weightless.

You can use creme lipstick perfectly in the winter season as it tends to melt in hot days. Also, it is so easy to apply so you are free from priming and lining your lips before applying creme one.

Glossy Lipstick


Top 6 Lipstick Variants That Plump up Your Pout - Gloss Lipstick VariantsOh! glossy, it is purely glossy! Glossy lipstick gives you a shiny and watery or semi-sheer finish, which is so useful for dry and thin lips.

It contains more waxes, oil, and pigments to remove dryness from lips. Winter is the great climate to use glossy as your lips become dry in this season.

You just need to prepping and lining before applying glossy lipstick for a better finish which makes your pout shinier.

These lipsticks are available in liquid form and gloss sticks, just like normal lipsticks but give the silky and glossy finish.

Lip Tints


Top 6 Lipstick Variants That Plump up Your Pout - Lip Tints Lipstick VariantsIf you are looking for juicy and long lasting color, opt for lip tints. It is basically a liquid or gel base, but in a couple of minutes, they provide sheer stain behind. It’s especially popular during the summer season.

Depending on the shade or color, lip tints impart a more natural look than normal lipstick while still giving lips a juiciness and long-lasting color.

Crayon Lipstick


Top 6 Lipstick Variants That Plump up Your Pout - Crayon Lipstick VariantsCrayon Lipstick provide you very smooth and crazy nourishing ingredient to your lips. Choose the right crayon and you may just end up with color that lasts so long.

Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips before applying your crayon.





So, which lipstick variants you use? Share your views and let us know what you like in the comments section.

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Last Updated: March 10, 2018

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