Love Making Cake! Try 16 Wonderful Baking Tools & Accessories.

Love Baking! Try 15 Wonderful Baking Tools & Accessories

Do you enjoy baking? Love to see the dough rises in the oven and that aroma makes you feel like your cake bakes perfectly. If you really love baking, then go ahead and make some delicious cake. All you need is the right baking tools & accessories that may help you to create that exotic cake.

It doesn’t matter, whether you make an exotic cake on the birthday of someone very close to you or on your friend’s wedding. People from all age group like cakes be it your kids to your grandparents.

Baking Tools & Accessories

I use 16 awesome baking tools & accessories that help me to make exotic cakes. You can also use these tools to craft and bake cakes.

Baking Cups

 Hpk Branded Box Packed Nonstick & Heat Resistant Microwave Oven Freezer Steamer Safe Cupcake Reusable MouldsAwww! these are so delightful to watch. I must say, this is one of the most eye-catchy baking tools. It is available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. You can use baking cups to make cupcakes, pastry, muffin or fairy cake. Oh! some watery feeling is coming to my mouth.

You can find lots of baking cup out there in the market like silicone baking cups, foil cups, paper cups, Wilton cups and many more. All you need is to pick your type of baking cups while you are planning to bake a cake. I’m sure, you and your family especially kids will love it.


Baking Mats

 Extra Large Silicone Baking Mat for Pastry Rolling with Measurements Pastry Rolling Mat, Reusable Non-StickThe non-metallic and flexible silicone baking mats are great for working with sticky materials such as gooey batter, taffy, caramel, dough, etc. If you use it to line baking trays to bake cookies and other baked goods on, you don’t need to put oil and there is no sticking.

Probably, most of you know that it is useful to make cookies only but the fact is that, you can utilize it in many other ways too. This kind of baking tools & accessories can do anything as parchment paper can do and more.  It will definitely make your life so easy in the kitchen.


Cake Making Supplies

baking-tools-cake-mold-cookies-cutter-icing-bags-doughnut-cutter-go4offersdotcomCake making supplies are the essential part of baking. So, be ready with these decorating kits like cake mold, cookies cutter, icing bags, doughnut cutter and more, while preparing for your delicious baking.

You can buy these supplies according to your preference as it is made of stainless steel and plastic.Whether you are a beginner and experienced, you can add more fun and magic to your party using these simple and easy baking tools.

More importantly, you can reuse these kits repeatedly, just wash them after using and keep them safe in your baking wardrobe.


Cake Testers

Hot 2017 Hot Sale 1pcs Biscuit Needle Cake Tester Baking Tools Stainless Steel Biscuit Icing Sugar Needle Baking Pastry ToolsCake tester is used to check if your cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and muffins are sufficiently baked or not. Typically, you can also use any other kitchen utensil but a thin-shafted tester will work perfectly as it will not damage your cake.

I prefer a metal cake tester, which gives a clear view of the progress of the of the cake. It has an ergonomic handle for your easy grip.


Cake Toppers

baking-tools-cake-topper-go4offersdotcomThe cake topper is like a showstopper. Suppose, a wedding cake topper is a small model that sits on top of a wedding cake, normally a representation of the couple in formal wedding attire.

If you love baking, then you must also be looking for baking tools to constantly improvise on your art. So, whether you are a professional baker or baking lover, buy cake toppers according to your occasion and celebration.

I’m sure people will love it and give your craftwork 100 out of 100.


Children’s Bakeware

baking-tools-children-bakeware-go4offersdotcomToday’s generation looking for creativity in everywhere and whether you are preparing a cake. Your children always wish to add some creative designs and patterns to make their cakes look unique and presentable, Isn’t it?

Children’s bakeware are so easy-to-use and it can be reused too. Your child can now add a professional touch and enrich the presentation by adding beautiful designs on pastries, chocolates, and cakes.

They can bake in the comfort of your home with bakeware and it will help your child convert their passion into an amazing hobby.


Cookie Cutters

baking-tools-cake-cutter-go4offersdotcomWould you like to create various shapes of cookies? I love to do that because cookie cutters help me to make different shapes of cookies. It will help you to bake beautiful looking cookies any time in your own home.

Cookie cutters are so easy to use, you can just cut and drop the shape on the baking sheet to bake the yummy cookies. You can also use it to create shapes while frying eggs, freezing cute Popsicle as well as forming candles.


Cookie Presses

baking-tools-cookie-presses-go4offersdotcomYou can use cookie presses to squeeze or press cookie batter into a variety of shapes like flowers, stars, ribbons, round, ovals, and more.

You can give a creative shape with the help of a cylinder and a plunger. All you need is to fit a metal cut disc in the design of whatever shape you would like. Then using the trigger, press the cookie batter past the cylinder, creating beautiful shapes. It’s as simple as that.

The cookie presses come in a variety of sizes and depending on whether you use it for home or professionally. You can choose cookie press as per your preference.


Cookie Stamps

baking-tools-cookie-stamps-go4offersdotcomBaking cookies might be an ordinary task and boring. Everybody can bake beautiful round or square cookies and biscuits, but you can make them look better with cookie stamps.

Cookie stamps are very easy to use. Just roll the cookie dough on a well-floured platform and press the cookie stamps on the dough. Then cut the dough out with your cookie cutters and place them on the baking tray to bake.


Cooling Racks

baking-tools-cooling-racks-go4offersdotcomCooling racks are one of the essential baking tools & accessories. After baking, you need to place the hot baking tray or baked goods to cooling racks, to cool down more quickly.

A cooling rack is made of a network of closely arranged wires, set on short legs to raise it above the level of the surface to prevent the baked goods get soaked at the bottom. So, don’t forget to add it to your baking wardrobe.


Parchment Paper

baking-tools-parchment-paper-baking-paper-go4offersdotcomYou should use parchment paper if you are really interested in baking. It is the right baking tool for you all baking lovers.

When it comes to baking, greasing baking trays before every batch of cookies, cakes and brownies is difficult task and time consuming too. In order to avoid these, you can use parchment papers.

Parchment papers provide you a non-sticky surface for your baked goodies at high temperatures. The use of this paper is significantly higher when you have to bake large batches as they are easily disposable.


Pastry Bags

baking-tools-pastry-bags-go4offersdotcomI believe that we eat our food with our eyes first and then by our mouth. When it comes to pastries, the appearance plays a key role. So, with the help of pastry bags, you can shape, size and frosting.

Various types of pastry bags are available in the market, some are disposable and some are very strong and can be used to pipe out cookie dough.

I suggest you buy pastry bags with a multi-hole nozzle to create a motif of your choice of flowers, leaves, stars or any other mixed match pattern you wish.


Pastry Brushes

baking-tools-pastry-brushes-go4offersdotcomYou can use pastry brushes to spread butter and oil on pastry, grease cake pans, add egg wash over pies and tarts, spread caramel or honey glaze toppings uniformly on cakes and many.

Pastry brushes are also very useful baking tools & accessories. You can add it to craft your cake as well. They come with fine silicone bristles and sturdy handles, made from wood, acrylic or plastic.

With these pastry brushes in your collection, decoration can be fun, quick and trouble-free.


Pastry Crimpers

baking-tools-pastry-crimpers-go4offersdotcomIf you want to give a professional touch to your cake by making delicate design and shape on it, then you must go for pastry crimpers. You can pick different types of crimpers as they are available in many shapes, colors, and patterns.

Simple and boring days are gone, it’s time to do something creative and fun. So, whether you are preparing for a baking item, add some creative designs and patterns to make your cake look unique and presentable.


Piping Nozzles

baking-tools-piping-icing-nozzles-cake-go4offersdotcomDo you wonder about the finishing part of your work? Proper finishing touch on your work bring you the perfection you’ve been looking for.

So, never forget to use right piping nozzles to decorate perfectly on your baking items, whether they are cupcakes, cakes, cake pops or biscuits, whatever.

You can pick from the variety of piping nozzles, which come in both open and closed tips. These nozzles help you create ruffles, petals, swirls, curls and many more designs.

How do you find baking tools & accessories? Share your ideas on how you can make more delicious and delightful cakes in the comments section.

In case I missed any baking tools & accessories, then do let me know. I will update the list so that all cake lovers can craft more beautiful cakes.

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